Mar 14, 2011


Startups are in a unique position to weave the idea of doing good into the very fabric of their culture. From the beginning days of Twitter, we aligned ourselves with giving back by associating with organizations like Charity:Water, Donors Choose, Room to Read, Product RED, Malaria No More, and others. Before we had a sales team, we had a corporate social innovation team and some of that work is brought to light at Hope 140 and Fledgling.

Aol is a company undergoing a rebirth and it has an amazing opportunity to align itself with meaning. The concept of doing good is not proprietary. To the extent that I am able, I'd like to help more companies follow this template toward a higher definition of success and more meaningful corporate metrics. When Arianna and Tim first spoke to me about advising in this capacity, I got a strong sense that they were serious about cause based initiatives.

My role at Twitter has not changed. I'm keeping my day job in addition to accepting a role as Social Impact Advisor at Aol. There are a handful of organizations I've agreed to advise. Last year, two startups I advised were acquired leaving room to consider helping others. When I take on any advisory role, I'm considerate of time and expectations. My new partnership with Aol promises to be very meaningful and I'm excited about its potential.