Nov 16, 2007

Back to Europe

I'm speaking at Evento Blog España at the end of next week. I'm headed to Sevilla Spain via Oxford, England where I'll be participating in Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford. At Oxford, I'll be teaching a "Master Class" which is a fancy way of describing an informal talk—I hope! Things have been so busy at Twitter that I haven't had time to stop and think what I might talk about at these events. (Although I have a pretty good idea.)

The best part is that Livia will be joining me. We're heading out tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully we'll find time to explore a bit and enjoy Europe. When we went to Amsterdam in September, I was kept too busy and we only had one day to explore together and one really great dinner. Also, it was raining and Livy discovered a hole in the bottom of her shoe. But that won't happen this time. We've seen to it that new shoes were procured.