Sep 24, 2007

Uncorking My Brain

I'm not sure if my brain needs any more uncorking or not but Livy and I are at SFO right now waiting for our flight to Amsterdam for the PICNIC conference and festival, "where creative minds from the world of media, entertainment, science and the arts convene in Amsterdam."


lin said...

Biz, NO!!! Which day you will do your presentation?
I will be there on Friday...


Pablo Valenzuela said...

Hi, I'm trying to make a project that´s talk about differents views of the people about a same theme. The idea is make this project based on blog style. In fact I want to make a blog with this, but I have to deal with a problem. Blogs show comments in a link,and this link open a new page. in a new window or in this one.
Iwant to make that the comments appear below the entry.
Is this Possible?.

Sorry if I contact you this way, but I been searching for help and your names appear.
Excuse mi english too I'm from Chile