Sep 16, 2007

Talking to Dutch Businesspeople

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This is a photo of me at the Dutch event e.Day last week. I presented some information about Xanga, Blogger, and Twitter in a talk titled Social Alchemy: The Changing Nature of Communication. The event was in an giant old coffee factory so the area I was in featured four quadrants of audience and required me to have my back to some participants at least part of the time. It was tricky.


ToddZ said...

Heh - I see the guy with the MacBook has emulated your hairstyle for the event. What did you say to make the guy on his right roll his eyes to the heavens?

Biz said...

Oh, he wasn't rolling his eyes--he was looking up at the monitors which were mounted above. (At least, that's what I hope!)

lin said...

Ha, here I come. :)

I was the Chinese girl who ran to you to ask about Citizen Journalism after your speech. :)

That was a good one. Easy to follow, quite interesting. :)


mdy said...

Hi Biz.

A video of your talk is also up on Google Video.