Jul 9, 2007


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The camera on my new twitter-issue iPhone is better than old phone's. I think I'll take more photos now.


Susan Harwood said...

Dear Biz

I am new to blogging and would like to thank you for your article 'Promoting Your Blog' which I found through 'Blogger Help'.

Because I am still learning blogging vocabulary, I struggle to understand many instructions and words of advice. Your article was an exception.

Thank you.

I don't yet know how successful my own blog will be


but, so far, I am pleased with how it is going.

Yours sincerely

Susan Harwood

Mathijs van Abbe said...

Hi Biz,

You know you can now automatically add these great photos to Twitter, by getting a Mobypicture.com account and adding your Twitter account info to your settings!

Everytime you send a posting to your moblog it is automatically also added to your Twitter account with a tinyurl linking to your photo...

We'd really like to add the posting method to the twitter entry so people will know where it came from, but we don't know how to do that.....
Can you help us?

Thanks and keep up the good work!