Jul 31, 2007

Cool New Job Opening at Dogster

Jobs at Dogster Inc.: "Woof! Meow! Do you really care about online community? Do you really care about dogs, cats and people? Do you want to work somewhere that is truly special? Dogster.com and Catster.com are on the prowl for a new Community Manager to oversee the community experience on two of the most vibrant passion-centric sites on the internet.

The ideal candidate will have oodles of experience overseeing online community activities. You'll know how to keep the peace like Switzerland, nullify grumps and be a silver-tongued communicator (online, on-phone and in-person). You'll know what it means to work at a fast-paced, rapidly-growing profitable start-up. And yes, having a profound love of dogs and cats would be very helpful. Your reward will be watching your happy, thriving community grow while members adorn you with praise for nurturing an environment that is so meaningful to so many."

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