Jun 1, 2007

New Toyota Concept Hybrid

This is pretty cool, "The Hybrid X rewrites the design rule book for hybrid models with unconventional creative solutions that could become the norm for future hybrid designs. A key concept is Vibrant Clarity - a design ethos grounding all design work in a unique and emotionally vibrant identity that speaks clearly of Toyota. Offering sustainable mobility for modern families, the environmentally advanced technology is another step closer to Toyota's vision of a zero smog-forming emission future."


Frank Gilroy said...
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Frank Gilroy said...

Hey Biz. Have you been checking out the Smart Fortwo yet? I want one! They're having a cross country driving test right now that started out in your neck of the woods this week.

Was thinking it would be cool if the people running the road show would twitter about it. I've been talking to their "marketing specialist in charge of all interactive marketing efforts". I'll send her your way.