Apr 28, 2007

Twitter on c|net Live

I was a guest on c|net live last week. It was fun because Veronica showed me around the offices first and I won the office Diet Coke lottery. Also, Tom and Brian reminded me of the gadget equivalent of the Car Talk guys. How do they know all that stuff?

Note to self: taking ball cap off right before going on camera may lead to bird-man like hairdo. Nobody said anything so I guess they didn't notice. Caw! Veronica used to live right near me in Brookline back in the day. Who woulda thunk? Coolidge Corner, represent.


Jay Fienberg said...


mike said...

Great interview.

Cracked up at your response to the naysaying tech-columnist-type, or someone who takes one Twitter message out of context: "When there's some new form of communication, someone's going to say, 'If it's worth sending, it's worth sending on a horse!' (When the telegraph first came out)"

Julie said...

Your hair is messed up? I didn't notice it at all. :) I'm new to your blog, but not to twitter. Glad I found you.

rabsteen said...

they probably just thought: typical techie hipster and their weird hair styles.