Apr 18, 2007

Twitter, Inc., Obviously

Not much changing except a bunch of paperwork and a fancy new title for Jack but we just announced Twitter, Inc. "We're happy to announce that Twitter is graduating from the home of Obvious and becoming its own company—appropriately named, Twitter, Inc." Ev called Jack a genius but the word we use more often in the office is "mastermind." (Genius is already taken!)

1 comment:

ooler said...

Twitter was a sort of adjunct/spin-off of Odeo. Then Odeo was 'acquired' by your new company, "Obvious." Twitter was also 'acquired.' Now, Twitter is leaving "Obvious?" I hope this is all business/legal technicalities, because it makes no sense. Odeo/Obvious/Twitter is all the same thing! Adding "inc." and saying acquired doesn't change anything right? Let me know when you acquire ooler.