Apr 15, 2007


Tonight is the premiere of Drive. You gotta watch it! It's on Fox tonight at 8/7c. Greg directed it and he's going to do the never-before-been-done: live director's commentary via text message during the premiere. Text FOLLOW FOXDRIVE to 40404 or visit twitter.com/foxdrive and click "add."

I'm in Los Angeles for the weekend because I had meetings here on Friday. We're going to the FOX lot to watch the east coast feed then we're heading over to Nathan Fillion's house to catch the west coast action and Greg is gonna twitter again with some different commentary. The premiere continues on Monday night as well—who will Twitter then? We shall see. Indeed.

Also? I cannot spell "premiere" without spell check.


punlman@gmail.com said...

I live in New York City.

On the local Fox station, tonight at 8PM ET is American Idol.

The only thing in the listings called "Drive" is an old show on the FUEL channel (which we don't subscribe to).

What gives?

Bruce Wagner

Biz said...

Bruce! You missed it! I posted that on Sunday. But you can still read the commentary at Foxdrive.

sword45 said...

Thanks for the tip. Will revue often.

ooler said...

Drive getting cancelled?

Make sure you don't whore twitter out - the way you were promoting Drive was a bit suspect ;)

Anonymous said...
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