Mar 19, 2007

Xanga: The Online World

Xanga has a history of launching stuff that has already proven popular. They introduced the Weblogs feature in 2000 after Blogger started making waves in 1999. That was a biggie. More recently, Xanga has launched Photos after Flickr, Videos after YouTube, and even Pulse after Twitter. Obviously, they know a good thing when they see it! Now I have an idea that's a little crazy but what the heck—why stop now?

How about launching a Xanga World similar to Second Life. If you like hanging out on Xanga, keeping in touch with friends, getting comments and eprops, and all that good stuff then wouldn't you love creating a custom avatar and flying through a 3D world over to your friend's custom-designed house or island to hang out? Plus, there's a bazillion people on Xanga so it would be an active online world filled with lots of friends. I think it would be totally cool.

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