Mar 7, 2007

A Very Texas Birthday

Going to Austin, Texas on Friday for SXSW. Twitter is a finalist in the Web awards and it's my birthday the same night as the 8bit party that Narendra and Lane are throwing. I am going to pretend that their party is my birthday. The 30boxes are my presents that will bring me much satisfaction. Nice!


Jerry Prager said...

I just wanted to thank you for Who Let the Blog's Out ?
This is my first foray into blogging and I found your book not only useful and inspiring but a pleasure to read.
Thanks Jerry Prager

Narendra said...

thinking of presents for biz (via twitterific)

Tim French said...

Hey dude, I'm sorry to come at you this way, but how can I get in touch with some on to get some help with my mobile blog? I've the read the instructions, gone through Known Issues and the Help groups and have not found any answers that are any use or any other way to get some help. Please, all I need is a Help Ticket or some thing.



P.S. I live in Austin, you should go to Curra's Bar & Grill on Oltorf off South Congress, BEST TexMex ever!

Bill Drew said...

Twitter is not working with AOL IM! I get no response to the help command nor do any of my updates show up.