Mar 19, 2007

Livia McRee, CWR

Since we moved to California in 2003, Livy has been pursuing her lifelong dream of working with animals. Specifically, learning about and healing wild animals in an emerging field of environmentalism called Wildlife Rehabilitation. So she dug in and learned a ton by volunteering at various facilities in Northern California. Last year she landed a staff job as Wildlife Technician at Wildcare in Marin county.

Turns out she has great timing. Recently, the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council created a new certification program to raise a high bar for professionals in this field which heretofore did not exist. Livy took the test today and I'm proud to say she is among the first in a handful of folks around the world who can call themselves Certified Wildlife Rehabilitators.

Congratulations Livy!


Amihai Bouskila said...

That's really really cool, get her to start a blog about her work. I know I would subscribe :)

Lane said...

Congratulations Livy!

And I second Amihai's suggestion. :)

Jay Fienberg said...

Very awesome--congrats to Livy!

Garo & Mandy said...

Awesome Livster!