Feb 24, 2007

Follow the Oscars?

I wasn't planning on watching the Oscars a few weeks ago but the folks who publish Defamer are actually going to the Academy Awards and will be sending out Twitter updates live from the Kodak Theatre during the broadcast.

If you've followed the My Name Is Earl updates by producer Michael Pennie, then you know how fun it is to get weird, behind-the-scenes info from a person close to the show while it's being broadcast.

It's like those bonus DVD commentary tracks except it's being sent to your phone as text messages and it's not a movie—it's a live broadcast. Livy is gonna make a bunch of snacks and we're going to follow defamer while we watch.

To do the same, just text FOLLOW DEFAMER to 40404. Or, visit the Defamer profile on Twitter and click "add" in the sidebar (join first if you don't have an account.) See you at the Oscars, kid.

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Guy said...

Loved the Defamer Oscar coverage last night.