Feb 11, 2007


My friend Greg Yaitanes teamed up with Tim Minear (Firefly!) and Ben Queen on a new series launching in April. Greg directed and produced. The idea is that there's this huge, underground cross country auto race happening on the freeways and highways that most people have no idea about.

So, that guy who just cut you off in traffic? He's not actually a jackass, he's racing for his life! I saw some rough opening shots of the pilot and it's really cool. The idea that there's all this drama going on in the cars around us every day is a neat idea.


Uday said...

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ToddZ said...

Nice! Great to see a new Minear project and a Nathan Fillion role.

I wonder how they pitched this... "It's like Lost meets The Cannonball Run!"

"The Rat Race meets 24!"