Dec 24, 2006

BlogThis! for New Blogger?

I am a huge fan of using BlogThis!, the bookmarklet shortcut for blogging on the fly. Sadly, BlogThis! no longer works for the new version of Blogger.
Gmail2Blogger—Drag this to your browser's toobar or bookmarks!
Thankfully, Gmail will post to New Blogger without a hitch (and you get a backup in your sent folder). You just have to create a secret Mail-to-Blogger address in Settings > Email. When you want to blog on the fly, click the Gmail2Blogger bookmarklet and address the post to your secret Mail-to-Blogger address.

Not quite as good as a shiny new BlogThis! but it will work for now. (And if you're a Windows user you can install the Google Toolbar—that has BlogThis! built in.)

1 comment:

Rosebud said...

Blogthis! using Google Toolbar for Firefox hasnt been updated yet.