Nov 27, 2006

The Wit and Wisdom of TechCrunch

TechCrunch: "at the end of the day, people want to consume content without the friction of having to sit down in front of a television" TechCrunch is silly.

"The end of the day" is the perfect time to relax on the couch and check out some tv. Maybe I'll do some email or blogging at the same time. What's the deal with declaring the death and end of things like newspapers and tv shows?


Ted R. said...

The funny thing is I'm trying to move this "content" to my tv. I'd much rather watch a vlog on my TV than my computer. The latter feels like work, the former feel like relaxing.

Biz said...

Seriously. Friction? Yeah, the friction of my butt against the cushion while I watch me my stories! Plus, I like to watch tv while doing blog comments like right now.

benja said...

That friction comment is fucking hilarious. WTF? They make it sound like we're all grinding our asses into some 40grit paper.