Nov 6, 2006

Running with Cell Phones

This NYT piece about marathon runners who use cell phones is interesting. Some runners say calling folks after every mile dilutes the experience and that they should make calls after they cross the finish line. That may well be true, but how about this: What if your phone could automatically send out info about you and your progress to the web? Then your friends and relatives could tune in or sign up to get these progress reports and you would know they were all getting them. That would be cool.


Rachel said...

My friend ran the Marine Corps Marathon last year and they had something they gave them that tracked their progress. Friends and family went online to the website and signed up and as she crossed the half way point and then the finish line, we got updates via email and/or text message. It was a little delayed in sending the messages but it was a great idea.

The Flip Flop Girl said...

I'm all for cell phones to help in an emergency or urgent matter in whatever form in migh take but talking on a cell phone while you're running a marathon? No, I think I'd draw the line there and a few other places too, like I've never brought a cell phone to bed with me. Am I missing out on something? We're overstimulated enough as it is. I choose my stimulation with as much discretion as I can muster.

Zaphodikus said...

I am going to say that perhaps if you did not have to stop really, just long enough to take a pic, the Nokia 5550 might be just the thing to paint a proper picture of how you feel, and how far you have gone. I am no runner, but when I do run, stopping to fiddle with a phone sux, and the nterprising folk who write soem software for this sport phone could corner a mobile blog segment.