Nov 30, 2006

Do Math with Words

two thousand times four hundred eighty five

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Anonymous said...

Hey, threadjacking, but I couldn't find your profile to send a message to. I really liked the "What To Do When Your Mom Discovers Your Blog" help article. It cracked my stuff up. I don't go so far as to hide my blog from my Mom, but it's good that she doesn't read it. She would get all excited every time I get down and homesick, thinking maybe i'll come home. (I live in Japan) The bit about, "you will have thrown the person who gave you life into frustration and confusion. Good work!" cracked me up. I discovered it when I was searching for some other stuff in the help area, and it is a jem. If you are interested, drop by A Day In Photos and partipate in our world-wide day documentation. It'd be fun to have you!