Oct 25, 2006

Odeo Acquired!

I moved to California from Boston to work with Evan Williams at Google and I followed him to Odeo. I think there's some theory in Tennis that says you should play with folks who are better than you so you can learn more and get better. Well, I don't know about Tennis but that theory is totally true.

Odeo and Twitter have been acquired by an obvious company. Actually, a company called Obvious—a new company we started to build cool stuff and do business in a different but obvious way. Ev has been the only person to consistently help me get the most out of my own brain and abilities and I'm looking forward to continued growth and challenges at my new company.

Here's to our future selves!


Ted R. said...

That Rocks Natick!

b-may said...

You know Evan has killed everyone he's ever started a company with, right. All. Dead.

You're a brave man.

On the other hand, it looks great on a resume.


Jay Fienberg said...

Congrats to y'all! I'm a big fan of Odeo and Twitter - gives me good ideas :-)

Donnie Jeter said...

... Congrats? I don't really know exactly what it all means (i've read the post on obvious and ev's), except maybe you guys are making a site and a name that incorporates all of your projects - am I close? Sort of like a centralized workspace for you to display all of your products?

Biz said...

You got it, Donnie! That's exactly what we are doing. We're creating an environment where projects like Odeo, Twitter, and others can come to life.

Natala said...

Awesome news! Wish you both the best of luck. Was great to see you at Future of Web Apps too :)

Portnoy said...

i love odeo. and here's why.

(this goes beyond shameless promotion)

Chris Rock Promos Reel Hollywood via Odeo