Oct 8, 2006

Native Golf Courses

Livy just told me that they had a goose die today at Wildcare because it was eating golf course grass which was heavily sprayed with herbicide. That was bad news but it gave me an idea.

Somebody should design an amazing golf course that is entirely native to its geographic locale with flora and fauna that belongs in the area. When it's not being played, the course could be both a sanctuary for wildlife and a eco-tourism attraction for walking groups.

Plus, if it were somewhere like Arizona, the golf game would be more interesting because you'd have rattlesnakes and other other animals to bring a little danger and excitement to the event.


Jay Fienberg said...

Cool idea. Made me think of Alan Sheppard hitting golf balls on the moon.

Anonymous said...

Yup, in Arizona you would have a bigger motivation to stay away from areas that involve water. Water areas are the rattlesnake's NYC.