Oct 5, 2006

Audioblogger: Riding Off Into The Sunset

Audioblogger was a nifty feature of Blogger. When I used to work at Google, I was really excited about making it available to users and was myself a user on occassion--especially on cross country drives or from mountain tops.

Lots of folks didn't realize that Audioblogger, although made to look simliar in design to Blogger, was actually provided by Odeo for Google under contract. Google paid us a monthly fee and we hooked them up with our sweet technology.

Nevertheless, Odeo is a small company and we can only work on so many projects. We decided that supporting a feature for one of Google's many fine products was stretching our own human resources to thin.

Maybe Google will decide to build their own phone posting tool completely integrated into Blogger. That would be sweet!

Until then, there are other free services that do exactly what Audioblogger does so folks who enjoy audio blogging to their Blogger blogs can keep on doing that. We sent out an email today with links to Gabcast, Hipcast, and Gcast.

All the media created through Odeo's phone posting tool will continue to be hosted and playable, we're just not accepting new calls beginning November 1, 2006.

1 comment:

Brad Root said...

Audioblogger was great, had some fun with it... it certainly hung around for a good long while. Sad to see it go, but it did seem as if it was stagnating. Ah, well!