Sep 23, 2006

In The Beginning

Three years and 17 days ago I was blogging about how it would be neat if RSS could sync audio to my iPod:
9/06/2003: "It would be so cool if I could sync all my RSS feeds up with my iPod but instead of reading them, my iPod would read them aloud to me..."
A couple of weeks and some days later, as Dave points out, he and Chris began collaborating on what would eventually become just that only better: a birth of podcasting. Something that today is quite commonly accepted as a way to get lots of not-just-music content for your various digital audio visual player devices.

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david mcmahon said...

Very far-sighted, Biz. I'm glad you re-published that segment from your archives.
PS. If you have time. check my latest post, titled `The Rhinestone Choirboys' - for proof that Elvis Presley is alive and well, in Melbourne, Australia.