Aug 30, 2006

Twitter Lingo

Besides texting your updates to 40404, you can interact with Twitter entirely through your mobile phone with various commands—interactive fiction style. Good times when you're bored. In the examples below, I've referred to my Twitter username but you would swap that out for whoever.
Texts go to 40404

turns text notifications off
on turns text notifications on
get biz gets the current status of a friend
get gets all current updates from friends
follow biz sends a friend request
leave biz stop getting mobile updates from a friend
leave all stop getting mobile updates alltogether
followers find out who is following you
nudge biz encourage a friend to update
You can also join Twitter by sending in an update right now. So, if you texted "reading Biz's blog" to 40404 you'd get set up with a Twitter account (but you wouldn't have any friends which is why 'follow biz' is better). You can join online too.


Dan said...

I've twittered accept and followers to 40404 and these wound up being updates to my Twitter account instead of commands. I sent an email to support with my phone model and carrier.

I want to believe.

Biz said...

Hey Dan! Twitter needs you to text "accept username" not just "accept." That's probably what happened there but "followers" should send back a list of friends who follow you--it shouldn't become an update. Any chance you spelled it wrong? We'll check your support email and get back to you.