Aug 30, 2006

Graham Is The Man

Is it just me or is the way Graham blogs about drag 'n' drop functionality just plain cute? He knows how everything works inside and out and he's the go-to-guy for any obscure Blogger code question yet he is trying very hard to be enthusiastic about the features that bring Blogger to the HTML Illiterati (which is important for the future of Blogger and Blogger users because let's face it, hypertext markup language was not meant for this kind of abuse).
Yes, methinks it is true: Graham is the man.


Graham said...

I'm flattered. :-)

tine said...

Exactly my initial thoughts when I read this article before it went live, Biz!

"Oooh I love it! I've gotten so used to educating posts, that I forgot the delight that I get when reading about something new, fun, and exciting to try out. It's that "must have new gadget" feeling you get - the oooohh ahhhh oooooo feeling.

Hopefully there's more like this to come. Great job Graham!"