Jul 27, 2006

Social-networking impacts search

Social-networking impacts search: "Google, as ever, was at the forefront of this online revolution when it introduced Orkut in January 2004 on an invitation-only basis. Since then it has seen its growth pale alongside other brands, possibly because it doesn't include blogging or video and requires users to use Google Accounts to sign in."

Blogger should be the main non-search product at Google with everything else from video to social networking built into and around it. Some of us have known this for a long time.


Jason Goldman said...

Who are these people of whom you speak?

Robert Lee said...

I am reminded of a piece by Leslie Walker in the July 27 issue of The Washington Post headlined, "Searching for Order in the Blogosphere."
In it she tells about meeting Tony Conrad the founder of a new San Francisco-based blog search engine called Sphere. Tony's new offering joins
Google Blog Search, Icerocket, Feedster, and Technorati in an effort to scour and organize blog postings to help readers find comments of
interest to them. Leslie tried each of the blog searchers and found no real satisfaction for her efforts. She suspects that might be because of
the way blogs are structured--"...with brief entries in reverse chronological order and lots of links to other blogs. I often feel like I've
wandered into the middle of a cocktail party conversation that has been going on for hours--make that years."

Tide said...

I believe this "social networking" boom that came with Orkut is natural when a sort kind of new Technology Mediated Interaction comes with new alternatives of communication and socialization to the big public. Once the buzz is over Orkut will stay growing on a steady but less ascendant rate, I guess.
Including video, audio and stuff is yet too complex to some users and therefore Orkut, in its simplicity, will stay as the main alternative to “shallow networking” while Blogs are going to be centered on a more, and maybe, deep content linkage.

About:Blank said...

You never hear about Orkut. G never promotes it and hardly anyone ever writes or talks about. Pity.


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