Jul 18, 2006

Hellodeo How-To

Robin Good has posted a solid how-to for hellodeo along with a couple of great tidbits of feedback for us. Nice!


jerry richardson said...

Am I dense? I can see myself in the flash window and the green light next to my macbook camera is green, but the "record" button seems to be disabled. Is this a safari thing?

Biz said...

Hey Jerry. Try refreshing your browser and emptying your cache and I'll check with Ray to see if it's a Flash thing. (If anyone's dense it's me.)

jerry richardson said...

Thanks for checking it out. It was flaky in Safari, but fine in Flock. I added a brief write-up of my impressions of hellodeo and twttr on my blog, if you are seeking exclusively effusive and positive feedback. Honestly though, you seem pretty self-actualized, so I doubt you need much feedback, in general. Still, great work, Odeodelors.