Jul 12, 2006

4 Minute Shows for Phones

Entourage hits the very small screen: "Cingular Wireless, the No. 1 U.S. cell phone service, said Wednesday that cable channel HBO has produced a special mobile miniseries based on the popular show "Entourage" that extends the story beyond what is shown on television."

The four minute episodes will follow a seperate storyline about Johnny Drama and won't distract from the regular series. I really hope I can watch the shows somehow--even if it's not on my phone. Ideally, I could get it on my TiVo.


Ted R. said...

I think this stuff is gonna be huge. There's some MTV 3 minute show on how to talk like a rapper. I see all the content on youtube and I think, why isn't someone pushing that to the phone. Everyone's got a phone.

And congreats on the Odeo phone push. That will solve the "I wish I could listen to pa podcast right now .... too bad I forget to load any up"

And the Playjax interface looks great.

Sun_Tzu said...

please help me, no one at blogger will talk to me or write back to me, and i cant get in to my account, any help is appreciated!