Jun 23, 2006

TiVo Search Widget

Searching my TiVo for stuff to record is slow because there's no keyboard. How about an easy way to use my networked computer to do a quick search for stuff my TiVo already knows is coming on in the next two weeks? Maybe it's a widget or maybe it's part of TiVo Desktop. Either way, it would be good.


MegaZone said...

You could use TiVo Central Online on TiVo's website to do your complex searches. Then you can schedule recordings on your TiVo right from the website, or once you've found the show(s) you want you can just look them up directly on the TiVo by title, etc, and set it that way. You can also use Yahoo's TV listings, which can also set recordings on your TiVo.

Biz said...

That's a good point about the Yahoo TV listings. Still, it wouuld be fun to have a little shiny TiVo widget for my mac.

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