Jun 13, 2006

Music to Gaze at Shoes By

Odeo: Zombieberry's Podcast #01: "I won’t annoy you with the sound of my voice, which I’m sure you’ll find is a nice change from other broadcasts. What you will get is just music, nothing else, and lots of variety. The first installment is an assortment of great music; rock, alternative, pop, psychedelic, metal, and shoegaze."

Shoegaze? I've never heard of that genre of music but I like it!


Anonymous said...

you really don't know what shoegazing is? Shoegazing is rock thats really fuzzy and droney and the vocals are very subdued and they seem to intermingle with the music to the point where they are indistinguisable from one another. A good example is My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive.

I'm a new reader, I came across your site from ev's. I added you to my feed. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

If you can go deep in to realize! It will vary your life!