May 1, 2006

What Should I Do with

When I wrote my first book, I set up as a companion site. The domain is up for renewal again so I wondered what else I could do with it. Here are some ideas:
  • Put the domain name on ebay
  • Launch a wiki powered user-to-user blogging help forum
  • Create a business blogging search engine type deal
  • Put a whole bunch of my blogging-related essays up
Does anyone have any good ideas?


Shay said...

If it was me, I wouldn't put it on ebay. But since it's you, put it on EBay!! Make a little extra cash and buy yourself something nice

=M said...

Hey, I have Should it be a podcast? Or a spliced feed service?

Ted R. said...

How about make a reblog site. Whenever you read a good entry about the business of bloggin you have it appear in that blog.

Or how about just renew domain for 3 years and call it day. I think it's waaaaaaaaay to soon to try and find a stratgic buyer.

Miles Burke said...

I reckon #2. It'd be a cool wiki to have those blogging discuss blogging for beginners. However, it may be weird to use a wiki to have bloggers blogging about blogs. :)

Shawn Rogers said...

renew it and hold it. That URL is going to worth huge $$$ when the other 70% of Interet users adopt what we already know.

BDegan said...

I think you should mix the Wiki idea and the essays. Rather then it just being a place to get help about blogging, I think that it would be a great place to also let them wrtie editorials about blogging and the blogosphere. Whatever you do with it, I wish you the best of luck.