May 2, 2006

This Guy is Gonna Be Huge

John Hodgman is the author of The Areas of My Expertise, a book that I own in part because it reminded me of my old web site Supertectonics. I love serious fake information.

Anywhoo, John was a guest on The Daily Show last year to promote his book and he was such a great personality that they hired him to be their Resident Expert. Now he's one of the highlights of the show. And he just landed the role as PC in the new Apple Ads.

Geeky culture is on it's way towards taking over American culture so I'm pretty sure we can look forward to seeing a lot more of John Hodgman. I see a big summer movie or his own series in his future.


Jared Cherup said...

It's Hodgemania!

Theresa Z said...

We LOVE the Hodgeman, funny, funny, FUNNY! And being a PC girl, we love him even more, viruses included. ;)