May 9, 2006

Thinking About Email

Lots of people are using web-based email like Gmail these days. Most of my email is short, quick stuff but sometimes I write longer, more thoughtful pieces—mostly at work (we use Gmail). Later, in other longer emails I might want to reference the previous thoughtful piece. To do that, I need to actually copy and paste it in the new email.

What if email had permalinks? Then I could just reference my other email with a link similar to how a wiki works. In fact, it occurs to me that variations on email—giving it powers of blogging, wiki, IM (already happening in Gmail), voicemail, and a version that's just out there making anything possible could be useful going forward.


blackpassenger said...

dude, you rock. as a virgin blogger, i just read your suggestions about getting your blog seen. thank for the advice. im not so much a blogger as i am a novelist/screen writer, so im blogging a part of a novel ive written about eroticism with western men in japan. it also includes social analysis. anyway, thanks again and i will try to find your book here in japan.

sarchi said...

YES it would help