May 5, 2006

Meet The Odeos

How do you like the new Odeo and the Odeo Studio? With a few touches here and there we tried to make the Studio look kinda shiny and appy. On the main Odeo site, there's a renewed focus on listening.

The idea for splitting the site in two really started to heat up while trying to figure out how to design one site that does two different things. Thinking visually about audio on the web is interesting.


Billy said...

I think the changes are very attractive. I really like the blue gradients that separate each individual pod cast in the archive lists.
The player embed is great and I would love to see some variations. It was to long for my 400px blog column but I was able to change the parameters with the code.
I would love to see a mini player version! Yall keep up the good work it is appreciated!

Ev. said...

variations on the way!

Billy said...

I should have known! You guys do not know how to be static therefor I must return again and again!

Much success!