Apr 16, 2006

Marty Nemko: Racist or Jackass?

Anarchogeek says Marty Nemko is a racist because of a show that really ruffled his feathers this morning. I'm not convinced Marty's a racist because of his radio persona but I've emailed with him before and his email persona is that of a jackass.

Update: Uh-oh, this is gonna get Rabble going. I just dug up an essay by Marty Nemko at Mens Daily News titled Are White Males Getting Shortchanged? From the essay:
We are constantly urged to make greater efforts to improve the lot of women and African-Americans. Yet it seems fairer at this point in American history to make greater efforts to improve the lot of white males.

Professional baseball, football, and basketball are dominated by minorities. Ever hear the media decry the underrepresentation of white males?

So, next time you hear a plea to support women and blacks, you might save just a little kindness for the not-so-terrible, no-longer so privileged white male.

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