Dec 3, 2005

Xanga History via Internet Archive

  • November 1999: "We are currently testing the alpha launch of our product." (Let's launch a web company!)
  • March 2000: "Home Portals allow you to manage, review, and publish your weblinks online." (Home Portal? Eew!)
  • August 2000: "Xanga is the easiest way to build an affiliate store." (WTF!?)
  • October 2000: "Publish reviews of your favorite products, links, and news articles." (Self publishing is mad fun.)
  • January 2001: "It's called Weblogging, and you're going to love it." (That's the ticket!)
  • December 2005: "Xanga is a community of online diaries and journals." (More than 21 million strong.)

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