Oct 10, 2005

Recharge Gadgets Wirelessley

Splashpower wants to cut the charger cord: "Splashpower Ltd., established as the result of a business competition at Cambridge University, has developed a wireless charging system that uses electromagnetic induction to accomplish wireless charging of devices." Right now it's a pad but in the future it'd be cool if you could buy a beautiful metallic bowl for all your gadgets that also charges them.


David said...

Cool. Now when a girl stands me up she can't say: "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't call: My cell phone died!" She'll be forced to come up with an even lame-er excuse why she left me sitting in a restaurant all by myself, feeling like a total tool, and....oh..sorry. I some times go off like that.

Faisal ... said...

That's real innovation. Being an RF engineer I knew that this was going to happen one day. Would like to know more on who efficient this is though.