Oct 15, 2005

The Art of The Camera Toss

These photos are really fun. Seems to me they'd work as giant prints too. When's the gallery show?


William Choate said...

Nice shot. I tried slow shutter like that around Christmas (gotta dig the lights) good fun.

Bet On Me said...

Hello Genius,

Thanks for the article ''Promoting Your Blog''. Very useful and nicely written.

The picture of NISSAN with BLOGGER plate is of the most interest to me. Is it actually a real photo of a real plate?

If yes, would you mind sharing it with my blog at http://pl8s.blogspot.com?

I encourage people from around the world to email to or share personalized (vanity) plate photos with my collection. So far so good.

Mail to: pl8s.org@gmail.com.


clickykbd said...

Thanks for noticing us. I created camera toss (the flickr group) and just wanted to mention there is a blog now too:
Camera Toss (The Blog).