Sep 6, 2005

Thank You And Good Night!

Last week I resigned from Google. I used a Seinfeld quote in my announcement to the Blogger team: "Showmanship, George. When you hit that high note, you say goodnight and walk off." Blogger is hitting a high note right now in more than one aspect with lots of cool stuff to work on over the next year. It's been awesome here at Google and I'm going to miss working with such a great group of people.

A couple years ago I started using my one cent Nokia mobile phone to share dispatches from the road with my family and friends. Before that I was manually transferring Chris Lydon's interviews onto my retro iPod. This was neat stuff but there had to be an easier way. Later, Ev, Noah, and I shared an enthusiasm for how this might be and it turns out, other folks were already thinking about it.

Odeo was officially founded in December of last year and recently announced funding. There's already an awesome group crowded into that little San Francisco office and I figured if I wanted to play, then now is the time. So I looked into it and Williams told me I have a face for Odeo. Well, not in so many words but you understand. There's lots of potential here and I'm excited about doing my part to help see it through. I'll miss working with my Google friends but I look forward to shaking things up and, er, making some noise at Odeo.