Aug 24, 2005

Wikifiction in Print

What about this for a crazy idea: A real book made out of paper and all the rest of it; but it's coated with e-ink and has a wireless receiver in the spine that activates when the book is closed.

The story inside the book is collectively edited online just like Wikipedia. The on-board receiver picks up the signal and the e-ink makes the necessary edits. The result is a kind of living book. The story changes over time. So if you want to find out how the version of the story you are reading *right now* ends then you'd better not put the book down. It's like magic.

Come to think of it, an e-ink version of Wikipedia itself would also be cool. A durable field-guide type of paperback book that's being added to and edited by thousands of people worldwide while it sits comfortably in your back pocket. That'd be neat too.