Aug 20, 2005

On Being A Freak

Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World: "Though most vegans are likely not any 'freakier' than your average person, the simple and compassionate act of denying animal products for ethical reasons can literally make you into the weirdo at the dinner table, or in other social and personal contexts."

This is true. However, I am often the weirdo at the dinner table even before that. Nevertheless, this seems like an interesting spin for a vegan book. Techniques for vegans on how to navigate the obligatory firing squad of questions and imagined situations you're supposed to enjoy sitting through at every meal. "What about plants? They're alive too." Yes they are. You have caught me in my web of lies.

Also, the authors have a great blog and a podcast to go with their book. Nice.