Jul 28, 2005

New Corante Blog

There's a new Coronte blog called Rebuilding Media. Corante blogs, with some exceptions, are mostly smart and informative. This blog, by Vin Crosbie and Bob Cauthorn is shaping up to be a good one too. But what's the deal with this 2,887 word post that would be about 9 or 10 old school word processed pages? Is that single post going to rebuild all of media on it's own? How am I going to read that beast before I head off to work? It's funny and informative and well written but sheesh. They should break it into parts. Give it to me 600 words at a time throughout the week and build in cliffhangers to get me hooked. Simultaneously offer it in spoken word format in the same serialized manner. Now we're talking. So to speak. Anyway, check it out, maybe you can read faster than me.