Jun 7, 2005

Free Speech? No, Terrorism!

If you run a successful web-based activism campaign, you might be put on trial as a terrorist. David Sugar (who happens to be a founder and former Chief Technology Officer of Open Source Telecom Corporation) has the story: America's War On Speech and the SHAC 7 Trial.
Seven members of an Animal Rights group known as SHAC (Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty) are on trial as "Animal Enterprise Terrorists," each facing 23 years imprisonment and perhaps a potential ticket for future Guantánamos, all for the dangerous and violent act of publishing a web site.
Maybe the real reason they're in this fix is that they were actually successful in spreading the word about a company that practices animal vivisection (a controversial and yucky thing). In the four years of legal activism and campaigning, this animal testing lab went into debt and got kicked off the New York and London Stock Exchanges.