Apr 11, 2005


Matt had this nifty idea in his dream:
So he goes on, explaining how he built a chatbot that is wired to a stream of TV closed captioning, so you add captionbot to your buddy list, then talk to it. You ask it what's on TV right now, and it returns a list of shows, you pick a show and it starts streaming out dialogue from characters, directly via closed caption data.
I'm not sure if I love the idea itself but I like the idea of the idea. I wouldn't mind if more services were available over IM. For example, if I could ask how much is in my checking account and get an immediate answer. Maybe there could be operators like Wish List: Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 3 for Amazon; TiVo: Record Daily Show. Or, how far is it to Berkeley from here? Directions? Tell me a joke! Or maybe not. Whatevah.