Dec 29, 2004

Secret Marketing Embedded in Jeopardy!

I've noticed the last few times that I watched Jeopardy! that some of the answers seem to be paid placements. For example, there was the "Seinfeld" cateogory when the Seinfeld DVD came out and there was a whole category of commercial drugs where the answers sounded like product pitches. "If you have high cholesterol, your doctor might talk to you about it." Ooh, I know this one Alex: "What is Lipitor!"

I heard other answers and questions that could easily have been sold too. Maybe Jeopardy! has always done this and I just never noticed? Or maybe I'm just getting old and jaded. Anywhoo, if you're watching the show and you hear Trebek say, "It's the fast, easy, and free way to create your blog." And someone buzzes in with, "What is Blogger?" then you can assume I got to the bottom things. Nice.