Dec 27, 2004

The Boing Boing Show

Nowadays you can download software that lets you subscribe to audio content from the web. The stuff you want downloads to your computer and ends up in a folder in iTunes. Then, iTunes syncs with iPod and there you have it. My new TiVo can also play audio from iTunes—through a home network (I haven't set that up yet though). This means I can use the aforementioned technology with my TiVo to consume an emerging genre of audio content.

That's pretty cool but I'd rather it was even easier (for instance if I only needed iTunes and not the additional software that gets the content from the web for me). Also, I'd prefer video over audio, and I'd like to watch funny idependent stuff on my TiVo as well as scores of movie trailers. There has been some geekery that suggests video can syndicated in a similar fashion. Anywhoo, I wonder how long it will be until I'm watching The BoingBoing Show on my TiVo? That'd be nice.