Nov 4, 2004

Anonymous Cowards

If you are in the book business, then somewhere in your office there's a copy of Publishers Weakly (sp?). It is the industry leading magazine that costs $225 for a subscription. Oh yeah, and it's the exact opposite of blogging. That's probably why the 175 word, anonymous review of my new book started out disparaging blogs as "currently voguish online journals."

The reviewer (whoever he or she is) thinks that I emulate "the worst qualities of many of the unpolished blogs" I celebrate. Again with the blog bashing. But the funniest part of this quick post—I mean professionally written anonymous blurb—is the part that says my writing is "terminally in love with its own hipness."

You better check your hip-dar buddy because that deal is broke. In what universe does a book called Who Let The Blogs Out? with a forward by Wil Wheaton come anywhere near hip? Maybe I should put up a bounty to find out who wrote the review like this guy did. Hey Evhead, can I borrow some cash? It's for a good cause: revenge.

Update: Shite. I just remembered that the back of my book says it is a "hip and helpful reference." Whatevah, those PW guys are still suckas.