Sep 8, 2004

How To Get More Traffic

I wrote a really long article called Promoting Your Blog on Monday and just published it at Blogger Knowledge today. I wanted to get a picture of Slovacek's car for the illustration but he wasn't in the office on Monday. That's right Mr. Bling-Bling Blogger Plates, I know where you park.

Update: I'm turning on comments in case people swing by with their own blog promotion ideas.


Leon said...

The navbar does confuse my referer because it mimics sites that link to me. However, I credit the navbar with starting me on a (so far) 19 post oddyssey wherein I am writing about both a sick boy and his dad's efforts to keep people informed by blogging. I have also been helping Luke's dad with ideas. All this because the next blog feature found me.

I don't always keep my posts short. I do however try to write the best post I can and I credit and link to my sources. I also reply to comments and comment in other blogs. Blogging with out commenting is authorship or keeping a diary. The interaction with readers turns this into a dynamic forum. Most of my online friends and I communicate through the comment systems of our blogs.

When I write a post inspired by another blogger I send a link to the post with a thank you note. It's nice and
people check me out.

BDegan said...

The one way I have found to work is make something people want then offer on your blog, the thing they want is the foot in the door. Once there in some of them stay around (or so I hope).

ex: A friend and I created a small apple script that takes GMail and turns it into a POP3 equivalent for the Apple Mail program while google is still working on doing something similar. We released it through my blog, but a link to it on a few forums and hits have been through the roof.

Mayuresh said...

Biz Stone, i love your article. Although i have been already doing most of the things you've mentioned (not to mention reaping the benefits), its nice to see it put down in easy to understand points - something i am trying hard to master.

Kudos on a article well written :)

Mayuresh said...

I was also looking at being able to get add a "recent photos" or random photos to my blog - any idea how ?

Do u do that by hand (edit template everytime to add a link) or is there someother way to do it..

- Mayuresh

JeroenR said...

re: Mayuresh..Adding 'recent photos' to your blog is easy, go to and sign up for an account (I just started doing it for my blog).

On getting more traffic, well traffic isn't that much of a concern to me (yet..). However, one easy strategy is telling your friends and family that you have a blog and convince them to start their own. Surely your friends will link to your blog....right?

Peter said...

You can also add a listing for your blog at: uses the bloglinker service

John said...

Hi Biz,

Am an avid reader of your knowledge articles and wanted to point out the following errata:

Sumbit your address to blog search sites and directories.



Banana Slug said...

Thanks for the great advice. As a relatively new blogger, I am looking for ways to improve site traffic. You've helped quite a bit.

~C4Chaos said...

thanks for tips Biz. been doing most of it and they've been working slowly but surely.

one thing i can add is to post cool pics on Buzznet and/or Flickr (like this:, use tags, put some decent captions and then hope your pics are interesting enough for visitors to look for your web address. very fluffy.

ExportRyan said...

The only thing I have to add is to put out some products.
Use something like Cafepress to make some actual merchandice. It's cheap and somehow encouraging to see real products out there. Case in point, I live in Seattle. At a club this dude walked by with this hat on. THAT'S MY HAT! I don't know this guy, he is a 3rd (or possibly) 4th degree contact that bought one of my stupid made-it-for-a-joke hats. I like that guy.

Before some recent issues with my webserver, I was getting a few guests that seemed entirely random and a few of them dropped me a line saying they say the hat or other things..

Hat aside, look around will see stickers and such in a few key establishments.

just another anonymous kook said...

As always, your articles are quite informative and helpful. However, I did find it odd that you promoted when in fact you yourself use Either way, thanks for the marketing tips!

American Blogger said...

BlogRolling and Furl are two completely different things :)

Sister Sunshine said...

Fascinating and informative. Glad to have you on my blogroll. One other suggestion I got from a friend was to simply ask others to list you on their blogs. Myself, I've been blogsurfing and leaving comments wherever I find something worth discussing... and usually the comments result in a few hits, sometimes a link on their blogroll... and even a few budding friendships. I'm having a great time in blogland!
: )

Zeke's, the Montreal Art Gallery said...


"You're thoughts have struck me dead in my tracks. I simply must acknowledge you and your greatness." (Or something to that effect.)

I couldn't resist!

Thanks tons for the article,

Play ball!

Katie said...

Someone found my blog by clicking on the "next blog" feature on your blog (and then your blog ended up in my stats as the referring url and that's how I happened to be here now). Obviously the new "next blog" feature is a wonderful new addition! And thanks for your article - I read it yesterday and followed all the advice and it's working already!

A said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anna Broadway said...

I’ve discovered that the most Blogger NavBar hits come when I’ve just updated the site. I don’t know what sort of algorithm is at work, but I don’t seem to get random blog-readers unless I just updated the site — and that lasts for maybe 5 minutes or less. Also, related to this, people might be able to reach a more diverse audience if they update their blog at different times of day. When I’m updating late at night, for example, blog readers on the other side of the world (e.g., Singapore) tend to be up even if lots of US blog-readers are snoozing.

One final note: hyperlinks work in comments too — both in Blogger and Haloscan. Nifty, huh? I find it’s a great way to refer people to a specific article in my blog that might relate to something they’ve written about in the post I’m commenting on. If you blog a lot, and relevant posts can be harder for a random reader to find, this is a great way to connect people to the writing they might most be into.

And then, of course, you can always post on Craigslist, depending on your target market (use with discretion).

PS: Thanks for turning on the comments, Biz! :D

Christi A. Foist said...

Relating to Peter’s comment above, sometimes there are great local-listing sites as well. Here in NY, for example, we have a very cool site that lists bloggers based on their nearest subway stop. Currently there are more than 3,000 blogs listed.

I only just submitted mine, so I have no way of telling yet how many hits it may generate. But it never hurts to spread the word! Be sure to have a brief, incisive write-up, though. I noticed that a lot of other bloggers wrote almost nothing about their bloggers, or offered very little by way of a “hook” as incentive to new readers. I described mine as “Mishaps with the homeless, home remedies and unemployment.”

Jay said...

As a new blogger I wasn't sure if it would be a passing hobby or a lifelong addiction. The latter has proven true and has spurned a desire in me to share my blog with a small part of the world. My first experiement in Blogvertising involved simply adding my blog address to the bottom of my comments. Generally I don't like to solicit like that, but as soon as I did my daily hits jumped by a factor of ten. They've since settled down a bit but out of that first wave of high traffic I have a few regular return visitors from countries all over the world. It's a very different feeling between writing for yourself and a few friends you know, and writing for a bunch of people that live seven hours away.

And all it took was a little... :)

Cybele said...

Dear Biz-

I was pleased with the good information in your article, but dismayed by the glaring spelling error. Has someone mentioned it? Can you change it? PLEASE replace 'You're' with 'Your'.

Thank you, and yes, it's MS. Grammar Bitch.

Russ said...

Saw your suggestions and incorporated what I could into my blog.

I had this image, though, of all us bloggers who get a few hits a day lined up to get links on the really big sites -- must be a bit of a crap shoot, eh?

Still, links do seem to be the key. Directories are good too, but mainly while you're listed as "new", or if you're fortunate/tallented enough to be blog of the day/week, etc.

Tracie said...

I enjoyed that article; even commented on it on my own blog. As far as getting my URL out there, I've sent it out to friends and family via email. I also "advertise" it on anything I respond to. I'm a member of a poetry message board - my webzine URL and my blog URL are both in my signature. I've also made business type cards with that info on it, as well as my name and such, to pass out at my writing groups. If someone wants my phone number, they get my web adresses as well.

And, of course, commenting on this site helps too. :)

Keep up the good work.

In My Write Mind

injinuity said...

Posting comments to popular blogs is one sure way to get some traffic to your own blog...

p.s: A shameless self promotion -

Planethalder said...

Hi, There is a similar listings site for London-based bloggers called where you can list according to nearest subway. It's worth listing at these sites as I too experienced a jump in traffic to as a result. Planethalder.

Calleja said...

you talked about a cyber friend of mine in your last international blogs article and thus spiking MY traffic because of the links in HER website....awesome. So, biz stone articles, even by rebound, are a good way to get traffic.

oh and

Eric said...

You mean this license plate?



cairo otaibi said...

I liked your article on the biz of promoting one's blog. Full of good advice, well written.

When it comes to punctuation, I agree, one ought to make an effort. Punctuation is there to ease readability, certainly something we all want. That being said, and little me having made a bit of an effort, I do take the Madam's grammatical whip not quite so seriously when it comes to CAPITALISATION or CAPITALIZATION. Although on good days I do make my living writing, on one of my blogs I have experimented with writting it all in lower case. The fact that I am not that good at punctuation is another matter, and each time that I reread my postings, I either find commas and other punctuation missing, or at the wrong place.

Well, you know how it goes.

By the way, even in the German language, where capitalisation is a bit of a pain, all nouns are capitalized, not just the usual stuff like in English, there is quite a stylistic tendency to not use any capitals in electronic correspondence. This non-caps practice in German is gaining some acceptance within the academic crowds.

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peterwatts said...

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