Jul 26, 2004

Watching Them Watch Us

I left work early today and I'm working from home watching CNN. It's really wild to hear CNN heavies Wolf Blitzer and Jeff Greenfield talking about blogs and the blogosphere. Here's a snippet of what I just heard:
Wolf Blitzer: Another feature we're doing this year, we're taking a look at the weblogs out there ... We didn't have these blogs about four years ago. If we did, it was very, very tiny. Now, it's not.

Jeff Greenfield: This is the buzz of this convention that the Internet revolution has brought us an entire new form of journalism or pamphleteering. They are web sites in which individuals ... create a page on the web and link it to other pages and open it up to conversation. And we have, up in the Bob Uecker seats, the blogosphere of this convention and with us is David Sifry...

Sifry basically said, "Oh yeah, people are saying some stuff." What are they saying Dave? Name names! Don't just tell us that buzz exists, tell us what that buzz is. "The bloggers think this convention is really boring but blogging veteran Dave Winer described Gore's speech as 'kickass.'" Something along those lines.