Jul 28, 2004

Learn The Secrets of Blogging

Has all this DNC blogging buzz got you reeling? Are there people in your life that need to understand more about blogging? Dudes. Get Blogging by Biz Stone. It's highly recommended and I'm not just saying that. Here's what you get for the low low price of $20.39. Okay so it's not that low. Still, it comes fully loaded and there's pictures! Here's the table of contents.

Basic Blogging

1. The Blog Phenomenon
2. Quick Start to Creating Your First Blog
3. Overview of the Major Blog Providers
4. A Blogger's Guide to Simple HTML [That's Hot!]
5. Blog Design 101

So, You Already Know How to Blog?

6. Blogging with Style
7. Blogging for Dollars
8. Working with Blogger Archives
9. Group Blogging
10. Corporate Blogging
11. Adding Dynamic Features
12. Better Blogging
13. Increasing Traffic to Your Blog

Power Blogging

14. Syndicating Your Blog
15. Sideblogs, Email Blogging, and Alternative Interfaces
16. Beyond the Blog
17. Building a Blog-Related Application
18. Blog Goodies

Web Links